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Inmate: Gunnet Olson
Jail / Facility: Vigo County Jail
Location: Terre Haute Indiana

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gunner olson

Hi Gunner hope your doing OK I hope that you have learned a lesson some do and some don't I mean eventually everyone gets caught my mom always said if u do the crime you do the time I don't mean to sound harsh but its the truth you need to really stop and think about what's really important in life and yes I'm gonna preach to u just like I would my own kids life is to short to keep falling in the same black hole you never know if your gonna make it back out or not we aren't promised tomorrow so everthong u do today counts cause you may not see tomorrow well I'm done preaching I want touting really really think about what I'm saying hopefully I've helped you talk to you later cheryl
By Cheryl's , Published November 08 2011.

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