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We keep getting called and hung up on by this number. 773-337-6787. We have a bed ridden patient at home and this has become a big problem,disturbing the process of getting rest and comfort for our loved one. We live in Huntsville Alabama.
By Mike Noor, Published February 11 2012.

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18, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines Police: Man accused of battering, burning cousin with hot wax A 27-year old man is accused of burning his cousin with a cigarette lighter and throwing hot wax on him while the victim was confined to a dog cage, officials said.
18, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines Man Locked Cousin In Cage, Burned With Wax, Police Say A Michigan man has been charged with putting his cousin into a dog cage and throwing hot wax on him in the victim’s northwest suburban apartment last month.
18, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines Man Arrested For Allegedly Putting Cousin In Dog Cage A 27-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly forcing an unincorporated Des Plaines resident into a dog cage and throwing hot wax on him.
18, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines GR man charged with putting cousin in dog crate, burning him BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Grand Rapids man is accused of putting his cousin in a dog crate and burning him with hot wax and a lighter. The Cook County Sheriff's Office in Illinois says that 27-year-old William Bailey of Grand Rapids was vi
18, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines Police: Man locked cousin in dog cage, threw hot wax on him A Michigan man has been charged with putting his cousin into a dog cage and throwing hot wax on him in the victim's northwest suburban apartment last month.
17, Oct 2014 - Accused of torturing cousin, man arrested in southwest Michigan A 27-year-old man accused of locking another man in a cage, throwing hot wax on him and burning him with a lighter at an apartment in unincorporated Des Plaines has been arrested in Berrien County, Mich., Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said today in a news release.
12, Oct 2014 - Refugees charged with carjackings after fleeing Des Plaines Two teenage Guatemalan refugees being housed on the campus of Maryville Academy are facing charges of vehicular hijacking after taking cars from people in Des Plaines and the Quad Cities, then leading police on a chase that ended Wednesday in Iowa, authorities said.
07, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines Prosecutors detail man's sexual assault of ex-girlfriend, injury to officer An attack by a Norwood Park man who allegedly raped and choked his 19-year-old former girlfriend until she was unconscious was stopped by an off-duty UIC police officer who intervened after hearing the woman’s screams, Cook County prosecutors said today.
07, Oct 2014 - Des Plaines I-Team: Man charged in Craigslist rental scam They thought they were putting down deposits for apartments, but police in Des Plaines said at least four people were deceived by phony Craigslist ads.
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