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Tannahill, Miranda Tia
Elk County

Beisley, Brandon
Elk County

Gillespie, Sheldon G
Elk County

Clark, Beau Lee
Elk County
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21, Apr 2014 - Howard Conviction overturned after prisoner’s release A Howard County man who was convicted of aggravated assault and battery and has already been released from prison was not properly informed of his right to waive a jury trial, the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.
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Former UCA president Allen Meadors charged
Charles 1:18 PM Aug 30 +1 Share | Flag Did anyone read this mess, there were multiple copies of this letter,the attachment showed 5 people copie(...)
09 24, 2012 | 08:57 Report Abuse
Wanted Alabama man for sexual child abuse arrested in Arkansas
i was sexual abuse and people need to stop it now(...)
04 21, 2012 | 22:52 Report Abuse
I unfortunately know him very well. Not only is he an abuser but he is also a drunk. He has hurt alot of people with the things he has done and he should b(...)
06 22, 2012 | 20:31 Report Abuse
Lancaster County man facing theft, drug charges
So...If you as a reader are doing drugs,this is where you'll end up. It is an expensive habit and you will do anything for that high.You will also loose ev(...)
03 31, 2012 | 12:30 Report Abuse
Hey, he is locked up again in Harrison County Mississippi. (...)
04 14, 2014 | 08:37 Report Abuse
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To Jasent Ladesic, in Osborne City Jail
My love, I am hoping u recive this and yes I will put it on paper also...I love u and I am sorry I failed u...i cant even think of how u must feel about me(...)
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To Jeff Benedetti, in Colby Jail Thomas County Ks
Hi Jeff, your dad just called me. I don't know if you will get this letter. oh my, huh ? at least you landed in a small country jail and not in the inner(...)
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To Daniel Zimmermn, in Rawllings Country
Hi Jake, How are you? I am writing to let you know I love you and I am praying for you! No matter what happens, you are my brother, and I will love you a(...)
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breaking and entering & theft (Wellsville, Kansas)
Sarnia of wellsville ks and her boyfriends broke into Billy's apartment, (where her brother was living) and stole their flat screen tv's, computers, gaming(...)
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Drug Dealings (Augusta, Kansas)
At various times this address and its occupants will sell methamphetamine in its various stages. (...)
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Whole Lotta' Shakin'-Croman & Pals-westport-90's-Kansas City

Croman 90's. The week before this taping, I had been grabbed by a couple of Kansas City Mo. Police officers along with several rent-a-cops (which I prefer to refer to as ''oinky boys''), and with hand cuffs locked behind my back - so I couldn't break my fall - was driven head-first into the sidewalk. Around this time, a gang of jealous bar owners in KC, too cheap to negotiate with me but too proud to overlook the fact that I was showing them up on a weekly basis (though they still had plenty of business, despite their placement of sophomoric bands on their outdoor decks) engaged in a campaign against me, which culminated in the violence by cops working off duty for bar owners alongside security guards employed by the same. So in this video, the crown of my head had a bump which made my hair not fall in place in the usual way. Plus I had been up all hours that week filing law suits against the city and Westport Merchants Association, just grabbing sleep whenever I could, so I probably rolled straight out of bed and headed straight to work, here. This was a humid hot night, too (summer, in mid 1990's). The lead cop in charge and main perpetrator in that incident of brutality was Howard Carney. Around that time, City Hall, which was arguably under favor by the Westport bar-owning gang, was preparing to implement an ordinance for Westport - which exists to this day. The ordinance selectively prohibits sidewalk entertainers to use amplification during prime business hours, yet ...
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