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Q: How can I send money?
by Trudy Jackson
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Recent Open Letters

To Barrett Bridges, in York County Jail
HAHA, You have been in jail for this long. Life sucks hu, yet you continue to be a biotch. Longer you stay in jail the better this world is. Hope this reac(...)
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To Barrett Bridges, in York County Jail
I hope everything is ok wit you? I miss your face. Called on Halloween and Thanksgiving to say happy holidays, got turned down obviously...hoping that i ca(...)
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To Raymond Prue, in Oxford County
dad u need to call me got u a lawyer and as far as i know charges in ct droped please call me so i can tell u whats goin on(...)
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To Dean Daigle, in Ndroscoggin County Jail
Hi Dean Hope everything is ok for you. Just wanted to try to give you a little humor for the day. A farmer has a bunch of chickens and the rooster is getti(...)
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Recent Reports

Robbed Again (Buxton, Maine)
After going to our home after a long winter we found we have been robbed again. This is the 4th time or more at this home.The first time the thieves took a(...)
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Matt Mason.mp4

Watch Later Matt Mason Folsom Prisonlive coverby Justin B 28 views; 237. Watch Later Matt Mason After Midnight 111112Hoopin For Hope Benefitby Justin B 60 views; 313. Watch Later Matt Mason I Run Fort Fairfield Maine 6 30 12by Daneille Root 187 views; 226. Watch Later Matt Mason Folsom Prison Blues Hard Rock CafeMP4by Pennyron307 189 views; 251. Watch Later Matt Masonby wvbearcat1 75 views; 142. Watch Later Matthew's Runs Against Mason4 10.1611mp4by Chris Kauffung 28 views ...
Lost on a Mountain in Maine by Dom Fendler
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What are the Different Types of Probation?

Probation is a common alternative to incarceration for the offenders of minor crimes. Most types of probation require the supervision of a probation officer and offenders must meet certain conditions,(...)

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