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08, Jul 2014 - Chickasha Prison Bus Fight Breaks Out On Oklahoma Turnpike CHICKASHA, Okla.– Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers pulled over a prison bus on H.E. Bailey Turnpike, after a fight broke out on board Monday morning (July 7). Officers said the bus, which was carrying federal inmates, had to be pulled over at I-44 and Newcastle Rd. shortly after the fight erupted. U.S. Marshals had to assist OHP to help break […]
01, Jul 2014 - Chickasha Caught On Camera: Chickasha Police Chase Suspect An Oklahoma woman leads officers on a high speed chase by swerving all over the road and it was all caught on camera.
27, Jun 2014 - Chickasha Temptation may have landed a Grady County woman in prison CHICKASHA, Okla. – A Grady County woman is facing three years in prison for embezzling along with failing to file taxes. Kimberly Dawn Logsdon of Chickasha, Oklahoma, was sentenced today to 37 months in prison for embezzling from an Indian casino and failing to file a tax return, according to United States Attorney for the […]
19, May 2014 - Chickasha Chickasha man arrested after young girl claims he was spying on her CHICKASHA, Okla. – Police say they found meth and marijuana just feet from an Oklahoma playground. Authorities say they were tipped off after a young girl claimed Christopher Smiddy was spying on her through a peephole. Smiddy is in the Grady County Jail and is also accused of having drugs inside his home and taking pictures of the girl […]
18, May 2014 - Chickasha Grady County has 22nd highest crime rate in OK Grady County has the twenty-second highest crime rate compared to the other 76 counties in Oklahoma with a 30.21 rate in 2012.
22, Apr 2014 - Chickasha Woman Arrested For Threatening Police After Crash In Chickasha A woman is sitting in jail after quite a run-in with police officers following a crash in Chickasha, Oklahoma, that was all caught on camera.
28, Apr 2013 - Chickasha Dorman legislation could have helped runaway in rape case A bill that never made it to the Oklahoma House floor could have prevented a young girl who ran away from home from being allegedly raped, the bill’s co-sponsor said.
16, Apr 2013 - Chickasha Okla. House sends death penalty changes to Fallin OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Lawmakers on Tuesday sent Gov. Mary Fallin proposed changes to how Oklahoma courts apply the death penalty in first-degree murder cases, a measure sponsored by a freshman ...
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To Robert Shively, in Adair County Jail
how r u doing in there -wendy 918(...)
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To Jerry Childers, in Jay Oklahoma
I hope you are doing good. Miss you. I heard you would be out in dec. I hope sooner. Love, Amy.(...)
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To Richard Grady, in Mark Alford Corr Cntr
hope this gets to you i saw this option and thought it would be easy to use im @ t's all is good going to m's next let me know if you get this i hope you d(...)
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To James Wesley Kirby, in Okmulge County Jail
Hello James am mailing you a handwrittien letter, but having found this I thought we try to say, Hello to you this way, and tell you we both love and pra(...)
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police burtality (Stigler, Oklahoma)
The police had been to the home of sharon faulkner and I several times she would go in to one of her rages the last time they showed up I was in the proces(...)
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peeping Tom/ dog theft / or stalker ??? You decide.. (Spring 2011, Oklahoma)
Apx April 2011 a man driving a 2 door gold toned Saturn (maybe sunfire) was seen by my boyfriend between mine and neighbors home when confronted he said he(...)
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Update: 2 of 4 Escaped Oklahoma Inmates Arrested

Dylan Ray Three Irons and Prime Brown were arrested Monday in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Anthony Mendonca and Triston Cheadle remain at large.
Felony Charges Filed Against 2 Grady County Lawmen
Updated: April 16 2013
Oklahoma Cop Kills Dog and Then Allegedly Lies
Updated: April 16 2013
Police Brutality: Cop Kills Dog, Tries To Buy Owner's Silence!
Updated: April 16 2013
Police Brutality: Cop Kills Dog, Tries To Buy Owner's Silence!
Updated: April 16 2013
Deadly attack- Prisoner dragged into cell and beaten to death in Oklahoma
Updated: April 16 2013
Jail security video shows vicious murder of drug trafficking kingpin
Updated: April 16 2013
video of deadly attack on Grady county inmate released by Oklahoma PD
Updated: April 16 2013
Anthony Mollman: Video Of Deadly Attack On Grady County Inmate Released
Updated: April 16 2013
video of deadly attack on Grady county inmate released by Oklahoma PD
Updated: April 16 2013
Confessor killed cells (İtirafçıyı hücresinde öldürdüler )
Updated: April 16 2013
Video Of Attack On Grady County Inmate
Updated: April 16 2013
Prisoners, informant killed it!.
Updated: April 16 2013
Dog murdered by cop. Police Brutality!
Updated: April 16 2013
Updated: April 16 2013
Video Of Deadly Attack On Grady County Inmate Anthony Mollman Released
Updated: April 16 2013
OSBI Investigating Suspicious Death Of Grady County Jail Inmate Anthony Mollman
Updated: April 16 2013
Authorities Search For Missing Grady County Inmate Matthew Jackson
Updated: April 16 2013
Court Appearance For Two Charged In Death Of Grady County Inmate Anthony Mollman
Updated: April 16 2013
Prisoner Matthew Jackson On The Run
Updated: April 16 2013
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Scientific Research and Capital Punishment: Should Prisoners be Used for Medical Research Without their consent

Stringent conditions apply to medical research done involving prisoners, who, during their time during incarceration, are in a vulnerable position of dependence on their institutions. These conditions(...)

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