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06, Jun 2013 - Two Galena men arrested on suspicion of manufacturing meth A search warrant results in the discovery of a suspected methamphetamine manufacturing operation in Galena, Kansas.  The suspect was arrested a short time later in a vehicle. A passenger of the vehicle was interviewed and subsequently a search warrant was issued for his home and more items believed to be used for manufacturing meth were found.
06, Jun 2013 - KCK man indicted on drug, gun charges A man from Kansas City, Kan., has been indicted on drug and firearms charges, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said today.
06, Jun 2013 - KU law graduate guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Missouri, sentenced to 120 days in prison A 26-year-old graduate of Kansas University's law school will serve 120 days in prison after being found guilty in Missouri of involuntary manslaughter in connection with a fatal April 28, 2012, crash near downtown Kansas City. Ian Cummings
05, Jun 2013 - Searcy County Sheriff removed from office Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell is losing his job due to a misdemeanor he committed in 1979. A circuit judge has filed an order removing him after the Arkansas Supreme Court found Cassell's 1979 conviction for possessing stolen hens made him ineligible to serve.
05, Jun 2013 - Searcy County Sheriff removed from office over chicken theft Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell has been removed from office over a 1979 federal misdemeanor theft conviction involving Cornish hens stolen from a Tyson's poultry truck during an interstate shipment. As we reported on May 23, the Arkansas Supreme Court had ruled that the conviction made Cassell ineligible to hold office. Justice Cliff Hoofman, writing for the court, said "...a crime that ...
04, Jun 2013 - Supreme ruling: If police want your DNA, they can have it if you’re arrested KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A controversial decision by the Supreme Court Monday upholds the practice of allowing police to take...
31, May 2013 - Arkansas Woman Indicted For Defrauding the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute The U.S. Department of Justice announced an Arkansas Woman has been indicted for defrauding the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The U.S. Attorney's Office said a Federal Grand Jury in San Jose indicted Lisa McMahon of Mountain View, Arkansas for wire fraud and theft from MBARI.
31, May 2013 - TAPD: Suspect's arrest clears 25 felony cases Texarkana, Arkansas Police announced Friday the arrest of a man they say is responsible for 25 vehicle burglary reports.
31, May 2013 - Sheriff Dead; Game Warden Missing In Arkansas Flooding Arkansas State Police say other bodies have been found
31, May 2013 - Mark Pryor's First Campaign Ad Pits Him Against Bloomberg and Obama With only 523 days remaining until Election Day 2014, Democratic Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas unveiled his first campaign ad yesterday. He didn't have much choice; Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control group has been blasting his vote to block a background check compromise. Luckily for Pryor, the voters are on his side.
31, May 2013 - Court upholds sentences in child-abuse murder The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld the four consecutive sentences - one of them life without the possibility of parole for 20 years - imposed on a Labette County man convicted of felony murder in the child abuse death of a 19-month-old Parsons toddler.
31, May 2013 - Another conviction in child pornography case linked to Milford man In the latest of a series of convictions resulting for an international child pornography probe that began in Milford, a Kansas man was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison on Wednesday .
31, May 2013 - Democrat airs ad touting opposition to gun control bill Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas is stressing his independence on the issue from the bulk of his party as he girds for a difficult reelection race. WASHINGTON — Even as some Democrats argue that the politics of the gun issue have swung in favor of gun control advocates, the first ad on the topic run by one of the party's senators highlights his vote against expanded background checks for gun ...
29, May 2013 - Inman man assaults trooper, breaks trooper's leg At 12:43 p.m. Thursday, Adrian Squires, 29, of Inman assaulted a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper at Squires’ residence in the 200 block of South Locust.
29, May 2013 - Polling: Support for expanded background checks in Arkansas; Pryor hurt himself backing NRA. I've said before that this is counter-intuitive to the Arkansas politician. But here comes another poll that says Arkies aren't much different than the rest of the country. When it comes to guns, they tend to favor some sensible regulatory steps. Public Policy Polling says today: New PPP polls in Arkansas , Georgia, and Tennessee find that even in dark red states there's strong, bipartisan ...
25, May 2013 - Asa Hutchinson on the NRA speakers platform today Good to be associated with the extremists of the NRA ? In Arkansas Republican circles, the answer is a big ja wohl! Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson is front and center in a lineup of speakers today at the NRA "leadership forum" in Houston that only an assault rifle-packing extremist could give unconditional love. The NRA convention is expected to draw 70,000 for a celebration ...
25, May 2013 - Arkansas Supreme Court says sheriff must step down because of 1979 crime The high court says Searcy County Kenny Cassell's involvement in a crime constitutes an "infamous crime" under the state constitution. MARSHALL, Ar -- A 30-year-old crime suddenly becomes relevant again, taking down a county sheriff in Arkansas.
24, May 2013 - Gun Background Check Politics, Explained in Seven Graphs When Democratic Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted against a gun background check compromise last month, he was taking a measured political risk. Even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun group announces a plan to spend $350,000 on ads criticizing Pryor, a detailed new poll walks through why it may have made political sense. With another vote on the issue a near-certainty, gun control ...
24, May 2013 - Gun control group begins TV ad criticizing Pryor WASHINGTON — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group launched a $350,000 advertising blitz Friday criticizing U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., for opposing an effort to strengthen background checks for gun sales. Mayors Against Illegal Guns announced said it will run television ads over the next two weeks on broadcast and cable stations in Arkansas urging Pryor to reconsider his ...
24, May 2013 - Bloomberg Group Launches $350K Ad Campaign Against Sen. Mark Pryor Backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has launched a $350,000 ad campaign smearing New York Senator Mark Pryor (D, Arkansas) for voting against the federal background check bill. The advertisement campaign will last for two weeks. It features Angela Bradford-Barnes, a former Democratic staffer whose boss was killed by gunfire while on ...
23, May 2013 - Searcy County Sheriff Cannot Hold Public Office According to State Supreme Court LITTLE ROCK, AR- Searcy County Sheriff Kenney Cassell has been ruled ineligible to hold public office by the Arkansas Supreme Court.
23, May 2013 - Ex-Kansas Doctor Indictment On Firearm, Drug Charges WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ A federal grand jury has formally charged a former Kansas doctor with illegally having a handgun as a convicted felon. A three-count indictment handed down Wednesday charges Lawrence Simons with unlawful possession of a firearm, ammunition and controlled substances.
23, May 2013 - Arkansas sheriff with conviction can't serve, high court rules An Arkansas sheriff who was convicted in 1979 for possessing stolen hens is ineligible to serve in office, the state's highest court ruled Thursday.
23, May 2013 - Supreme Court says 1979 Cornish hen theft makes sheriff ineligible to serve The Arkansas Supreme Court today reversed a lower court and said Searcy County Sheriff and Collector Kenny Cassell's 1979 conviction on a federal misdemeanor theft charge for stealing Cornish hens from a Tyson's interstate shipment made him ineligible to hold office. The state's petition to remove Cassell will go back to the lower court for granting of the order, if he doesn't resign before then ...
22, May 2013 - Martha Shoffner resigns as Arkansas state treasurer A 5:04 p.m. e-mail from Chuck Banks, attorney for Martha Shoffner , delivered a copy of a letter she sent to Gov. Mike Beebe tendering her resignation as state treasurer. She had not returned to work today following her appearance in federal court to answer a charge that she'd extorted money through public office by taking kickbacks from a securities salesman who did business with the state ...

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